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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 7, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EST

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this morning, the results are in. >> mitt romney stays out in front with critical wince on super tuesday. rick santorum battles back with his own strong showing. parting ways. peyton manning being cut today by his long time team the colts. where exactly will he land? the sun early this morning unleashing an explosion headed right to earth. and what a rescue. the officers who ran toward this big explosion getting a big thanks from their own. and good wednesday morning, everyone. we have watched the results come
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down throughout the night. voters in ten states making a strong statement about the gop race. >> mitt romney came out the biggest winner. perhaps not enough to regain any real momentum. let's look at where things stand. he took six of the super tuesday contests. rick santorum one three. newt gingrich only winning his home state of georgia. romney's biggest goal was to win ohio, which he did. scott goldberg is live in that battle ground state with more. hey, scott. >> reporter: good morning, rob and paula. if mitt romney had lost here, many said it would have been a disaster for his campaign. the victory will be comfortable, if not convincing. super tuesday faded into the wee hours of wednesday before romney's campaign claimed
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victory in ohio. earlier in the night, he knew it would not be a knockout. >> tonight we're doing some counting. >> reporter: he won massachusetts, virginia, idaho. the momentum, rick santorum used olympic language. stealing a page from romney. >> we're going to get at least a couple of gold medals and a whole lot of silver medals. >> reporter: he won north dakota, oklahoma, and tennessee. gingrich won big in his home state of georgia. >> i hope the analysts in washington and new york who spent june and july explaining our came pain was dead will watch this tonight and learn a little bit from this crowd. and from this place.
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>> reporter: the former speaker vowed to move forward, though it's virtually impossible for him and santorum to catch up to romney in the delegate count. but numbers are cold. romney's rivals see an opportunity to keep fighting for republican hearts and minds. in the past, super tuesday was a more conclusive event, bringing the race into sharper focus. this year, not that kind of clarity. giving three candidates something they can call a victory. rob and paula? >> romney outspending santorum 5 to 1 in ohio. his opponents have to feel good that maybe this is a moral victory, right? >> reporter: absolutely. when you look at that margin, outspending his rifles 5 to 1, romney won 6 of the 10 states, that means he still lost four. you look at that razor thin margin here in ohio, the rivals say this is a guy that cannot excite republican voters. they think there's a passion out
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there they can still capture. >> all right, scott, live in ohio. thanks for that report. another major political story from ohio. long-time congressman dennis kucinich will not be headed back to capitol hill. >> the win over that race faces a high-profile battle in the general election, she faces joe the plumber. sarah palin weighed in on election 2012 and the soup tuesday results. she said she voted for newt gingrich in the alaska primary. will she run for president in 2016? >> i don't discount any idea or plan that -- at this point is not in my control. anything's possible. >> you can see the 2008 election all over again in the hbo movie "game change" which airs this
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weekend. juli julianne moore looks more like sarah palin than the real sarah palin. vice president joe biden is going back out there on the stump. he'll be making speeches to refute the criticisms directed at the administration by republican candidates. the vp will visit key battle dpround states, including ohio. we'll get full analysis on the super tuesday wins and what is next on "good morning america." one heated campaign issue. iran's nuclear program. tehran has invited nuclear inspectors to visit the most secret mel tear con plex. president obama blasted the republicans for a rush to embrace military actions. >> those who are suggesting or
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p proposing or beating the guns of war should explain on the american people what they think the costs and benefits would be. >> the president said the violence after the koran burning is one indication that it's time to transition out. though he expects no speed-up of those balance. parts of the west are recovering from a double dose of wild weather. drivers had to deal with treacherous conditions in utah. winds as high as 60 miles an hour. two people were killed on i-15 when a car lost control, crossed the median and was broad-sided by a tractor trail person the winds toppled trees in nevada. delayed flights for up to 45 minutes in that neck of the woods. roofs were destroyed and awnings blew off. time for the weather across the country. still wnddy out west. not quite as bad as we saw yesterday. up to a foot of snow in the rockies. a wintry mix in ten for, duluth,
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and fargo. showers from minneapolis to des moines, kansas city and dallas. an afternoon sprinkle in south florida. gorgeous along much of the east coast. >> come on spring. 06 in new york. 60, thank you. new orleans and das both hit the 70s. 50 in seattle. a snowy 41 in salt lake city. mild in phoenix. ? you'll have your shorts on tomorrow. >> i do now. coming up -- i don't want to know. we're going check overseas markets. then one border state issuing an ominous warning to spring braerks. they're saying, hey, do not go mexico. and remarkable heroism as an officer saves a driver there this infer know. we're right back.
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get your free sample of quaker oatmeal squares worried about the floebl economy
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and the the slide continues. tokyo's nikkei average declined 62 points today. hong kong's hang seng fell 178. in london, the ftse opened lower. the dow plunked 204 points yesterday, actually the sixth time the index has lost more than 200 points since the rally began in october. the nasdaq index gave up 40 points. and gasoline prices are down but only a fraction of a cent. the national average is $3.76, still a nickel higher than a week ago. prices had increased for 39 straight days. spring breakers, if you're looking for a party spot, don't go to texas. continuing violence south of the border is getting worse. a superstar of data processing has a new job. watson, the ibm supercomputer who beat human champions on
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jeopardy! last year is working for citi group. it's keeping customers, yep, out of jeopardy. you go, watson. and what do you get when you cross an atm with a bakery? a cup cake vending machine for all your late night cravings out there. the first one is installed in beverly hills. machines like this are coming to new york city right here this summ summ summer. >> you'll be lining up. >> four dollars? i want a cake. next on this wednesday, a strange case after a woman is killed bay cannon ball. and on top of that, the team that peyton built will tell him good-bye today. we caught up to him overnight. and the solar explosion overnight heading right for
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50% off lenses won't last forever. well, the sun put on a spectacular show overnight with the release of a powerful solar flare. the eruption isne of the strongest class of flares, capable of triggering radiation and radio blackouts. by this afternoon, forecasters should have a better idea how the earth will be impacted. >> quite beautiful. for a look at morning road conditions. slick on parts of i-15, 25, and 70 in the rockies. windy in i-40 from flagstaff to albuquerque. from i-40 to little rock. if you're flying today, airport delays possible in vegas, phoenix, salt lake city and dep ver.
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now to your story. >> my husband's depressed. his entire family. it's a somber day for football fans in indianapolis. their beloved quarterback will no longer be leading the colts. like oil and water. >> peyton manning is likely to be released from his contract today. he was upbeat overnight. >> reporter: arriving together in indianapolis last night, peyton manning and team owner jim irsay tried to show this was an amicable parting of the ways. >> we're good. we're going to talk tomorrow. do it the right way tomorrow. >> reporter: team sources tell espn that after 14 seasons as the face of the indianapolis colts, manning and irsay will announce his departure today. >> there's a sight for sore eyes here in indy. >> reporter: he's been trying to recover from a neck injury. the team is releasing the four-time mvp rather than pay a
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$28 million bonus and pick up the four years left on his contract. colts fans reacted. >> one man can make a team. >> it will be strange to see him in a didn't uniform. >> sometimes you have to pick up your bags and go. >> reporter: he led the team to the playoffs 11 times. captured two afc championships and won a superer bowl. >> what he's done will probably never be eclipsed. he ignited a fever for football in the state. indiana was a basketball state before peyton came there. it's a football state now. >> reporter: he'll become a free agent. he has every intention of suiting up against in the nfl. just not wearing that familiar dark blue horse shoe. >> lit the strange to see him in anything but colts. texas tycoon allen stanford is convicted of a $7 billion ponzi scheme. he was accused of bilking more
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than 30,000 investors over a 20-year period. a federal jury found him guilty of 13 of 14 charges. each one carries a sentence of up to 20 years. a california woman has died after a cannon ball hit into her trailer home. her husband and a friend were working on a cannon when something went drastically wrong. two police officers are being recognized for their drivery. they arrive d on this scene to find the driver trapped inside and died by the imbasket. >> you have to get out of the car, buddy. come on the. >> i'm good, i'm good, i'm good. >> working together, they were able to unwedge the driver and pull him out. he was so close to the flames,
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that the officer feared his uniform shirt would melt. they brushed off the praise saying it was all in a day's work. time for nba hoops. we get the latest from espn news. good morning, with this espn news update, i'm ducis rodgers. we start in the nba. the lakers playing 5 of the next 6 games on the road. 34 points. he had 36 three weeks ago against sacramento. pistons up by two. at the other end the five seconds to go. kobe bryant isolates. ties the game at the buzzer. so nice, we show it twice. we are headed to overtime. why? the fancy graphic says to. in o.t., prince hits the jumper. pistons up by one. at the other end, six seconds to play. lakers down three. kobe again, oh, not a good look.
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metta world peace gets another crack at it. he's denied. pistons win, 88-85. how about college basketball? sun belt championship. western kentucky and north texas. under 2:00 to play, mcdonald. only two buckets, none bigger than this one. western kentucky up by two. 17 seconds to play. same score. walton air-balls the three. western kentucky gets the ball. fouls. brings up a one and one. t.j. price misses the free throw. no north texas players go for the rebound. they didn't realize it was a one and one. western kentucky wins, 74-70 to advance to the tournament. march madness is upon us. selection sunday coming up this sunday. that will do it for me. with this espn news update, i'm ducis rodgers. >> best pure sports all year.
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sit tight for a second. it's time to check "the pulse." >> are we back on. >> starting with some new studies that say video gaming is good for you. it improves your ability to multitask. people who place action-based games make decisions 25% it's aer. they can pay more attention to more things at once. >> it's not all positive. oh studies find an association been compulsive gaming and being joe weight, depression. >> thank you for looking up. >> we can forget the rest. or maybe multitask. we're getting a first look at the much anticipated oprah interview with whitney houston's daughter. the promo shows her hugging bobb i kristina. >> the interview will air this
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updating the day's top stories. mitt romney is the apparent winner a very close ohio primary. he won five other states. rick santorum won three and newt gingrich was successful in georgia. am is expected to launch the next generation ipad today. it is expected to be available from verizon and at&t. and believe it or not, it's the end of the peyton manning era in indianapolis. he sat out the entire season last season because of a neck injury and three surgeries. heavy mountain snow in the rockies and windy across the southwest. and the winner of that huge lottery jackpot in rhode island has come forward. is there it's going to mean easy
4:28 am
money for the 81-year-old woman. but other lottery winners have not done so well. with the cautionary tales, here's linsey davis from rhode island. >> reporter: if money can't buy happiness, louise white doesn't know it yet. >> i'm very happy and very proud. >> reporter: the 81-year-old came forward to collect the $336 million jackpot. she's chosen a luch sum payout, a cool $210 million. the largest cash award in power pal history. her check was made out to the rainbow sherbet trust. it's what her son was craving. he brought his mom to the store. he bought the sherbet. his mom brought three power ball tickets. >> this will make my family very happy. we're truly blessed. thank you. >> reporter: that's all she would say. probably a smart move.
4:29 am
as we have seen with past winners, more money can amount to more problems. jack whitaker won and it went downhit from there. a lawsuit, a divorce, alcohol problems. this is the moment he hit rock bottom, stiting on a stoop outside a strip club. he brought in a briefcase with half a million in cash and it was stolen right from under his nose. sandra won a prize with coworkers. she got so many calls, she had to stop answering her phone. >> you make your money. do not let it make you. do not let it change who you are. you'll live a happy life. >> reporter: as for louise white, she has 210 million reasons to smile. linsey davis, abc news, newport, rhode island. >> pick up sherbet on


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